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Changing the scale

October 3, 2011

My husband was clean-shaven when I married him, but soon after our wedding he grew a mustache. I love his mustache to distraction. Maybe because I am a knitter–I like things woolier.

This was taken at the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival in Northern China.

So imagine my excitement when I was browsing Spoonflower (which I try not to do for more than eight hours a day) and found this.

mustache gallery- blue

This awesome print was designed by Michelle Avelis for Spoonflower, but really it looks as though it was made just for my husband. The only issue was that I feared the scale was a little too large, so I emailed her and she very kindly changed the scale for me so that the mustaches are about two inches across.

I bought this Jalie pattern (#2918) to make a tee for my husband. After I opened the pattern, I realized 1: Jalie patterns are printed on regular paper, not tissue paper–awesome! and 2: the tee was much more fitted than the ones my husband likes to wear, and tapered at the bottom. Neither my husband nor I are tapered at the bottom these days. So, less awesome. I modified the pattern to a boxy shape and also cut out a size that matched the measurements of his favorite tee, rather than one that matched his body measurements.

Is it creepy and weird to say I had lustful thoughts about the model on the pattern envelope? Yeah, that's probably creepy and weird.

This should have been extremely easy to do, but I found it only moderately easy–since I’m so used to tiny little clothes these days, I had a hard time negotiating with all those yards of slippery interlock.

My husband is one who does not believe in making a normal face in a photograph, ever.

Unremarkable except for the fabric, which is pretty remarkable. I think I’ll do one of these again–maybe a long-sleeved version in wool jersey for skiing–but I think I’ll widen the neck binding a bit. And maybe it doesn’t need to be *quite* so big. He says he wants the next one to be a solid fabric, but he hasn’t yet seen this:

Mustache Playful- small

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