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Small Victories

February 9, 2014

I admit I may not be the smartest, kindest, or best looking woman out there. I  snap at my husband for no good reason. I kill all my houseplants, and I buy the sliced mushrooms in the grocery store because I am too lazy to cut my own. My kids  eat too much takeout and too few vegetables. I have way too many yoga pants for someone who doesn’t actually do yoga. I never filled in my kids’ baby books. I find playing cars on the floor with my son almost unbearably boring. I buy more yarn and fabric than I will ever use. I didn’t lose the baby weight. I am not “spiritual.” I take too long to write thank-you notes. I get worked up about internet comments. I get too much of my news from The Daily Show. I have’t read a book since my daughter was born. My boobs don’t pass the pencil test. I spend too much time on Pinterest and too little time cleaning, playing outside with my children, or exercising.

But I’ll say this for myself: I can match stripes LIKE A BAWSE. And that, my friends, is not nothing.


Pay no attention to the uneven elastic casing. Or the string hanging off the left cuff. Or the dirty window. The stripes, are what you should be looking at. Oooooooooooooooh matching stripes.

I got this French terry knit fabric from Girl Charlee intending to make a pair of pajama pants for my three year old. But after three trips through the washer and dryer I lost almost a quarter of a yard of it to unraveling. I thought knits weren’t supposed to unravel? But there you go. I decided to put it to use as leggings for my daughter instead.


Sad little pants-less toddler in the background. Maybe next time, kiddo.

nuuni pants clip

Nuuni knit pants

These are the Nuuni Pants from Ottobre Design‘s Spring 2009 edition. The pattern has two pieces, a leg and a crotch panel that goes from the front to the back.

All in all they make for a roomy legging, although I don’t know that my daughter needs the extra room in the front. The Spring 2012 issue of Ottobre has a pair of knit pants with an extra panel only in the back; I think these are going to be the ones to try next.


Little Houses knit pants, from Ottobre Designs Spring 2012

Still I didn’t let the extra roominess stop me from cutting out three of these. Three pairs of leggings being the number of leggings my daughter usually goes through in a day.


Stripey pair of pants has solid friends


Pattern: Nuuni Pants, from Ottobre Design, Spring 2009. Size 74

Fabric: Heather Black Cream Stripe Cotton Baby French Terry Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee. Maybe half a yard..

Modifications: I couldn’t get the ankle to hem in a way that I liked, so I put a cuff on them instead.

Modifications for next time: They’re a little long; I might take off another inch and a half.

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